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Frequently Asked Questions - Massage

FAQs - Massage

I prefer to work with the full body unrestricted which is best achieved when the client is only covered by the towel, however the client can undress as far as he or she feels comfortable.

Please note that oils and creams are used and may stain clothing if not removed.

Getting an erection could be a natural response to the therapy. All my therapies are completely professional. Getting an erection will not influence the quality of the treatment.

I work with both genders.

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Not at all, I use coconut oil to lube the skin and hair and thus make it very easy to massage. Also use coconut oil to treat dry skin.

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I mostly use Arnicamill, which is a blend of arnica, tea tree and chamomile oils otherwise I use coconut oil. I prefer these oils as it doesn’t have a strong smell, doesn’t stain clothing or towels and easy to wash out.

I advise people to make a booking as soon as they know when they want a massage. It also depends on availability, you can always look on the website to see if I have bookings otherwise just drop me a line.

Yes I play nice relaxing music which helps bring about a state of deep relaxation. Sometimes clients prefer to be massaged without any music which helps bring about a deep meditative state

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